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A multi-gaming community.

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Roots in Blackwake.

We started as a small Blackwake community with only a handful of players and grew exponentially over the course of the year. We now host multiple Servers and are always looking for new games for our community to enjoy. Our rules are simple: Don't be a dick. If you act like an adult you won't have a problem. Join our discord for recent news, rules and events!

Blackwake community

Donations Welcome!

We operate as a non-profit organization and 100% of donations are put into the servers we host for games. Moderators are all volunteers and we are extremely grateful for their contributions. If you would like to support the community you can donate at our patreon. Without the support of our community we wouldn't be here today.
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Conan Exiles Community

Conan Exiles

Ever wanted to be a barbarian? At least more of one than you already are? We host the Cove of Exiles in Conan Exiles which will help feed your inner primal beast. Our server is PvP with building damage off. Eventually building damage will be turned on during set time periods.

Ark survival evolved Community

Ark: Survival Evolved

ARK is a survival game that focuses on base building and taming dinosaurs. If you were ever a kid that liked dinosaurs (which we all know you were) you will like ARK. We run a private community PvE server for ARK. come in and die over and over and never learn from your mistakes!

7 days to die community

7 Days to Die

Do you like Survival and Zombies? 7 Days to Die is one of the rotating games that we host.

Tannenberg Rocket League Vermintide Verdun Post Scriptum Squad Maelstrom Community

Many Other Games

We host servers for the community but we have substantially sized groups for the following games:
SQUAD, Post Scriptum, PUBG, Maelstrom, Killing Floor 2, Tannenberg, Verdun, Vermintide, Rocket League

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